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Bumble Brain Box

Did you know 90 percent of children’s brain development happens before age 5? Neither did we. Bumble Brain box was a fun 2D motion graphic explainer video that was used as one of their social media marketing videos. We illustrated all the characters and tried out new techniques in bringing 3 dimensions to our 2D…

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Sysco Truck Reveal

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Gumprecht Law Firm

The Gumpretch Law firm reached out wanting us create a promotional motion graphic for one of their social media marketing videos. We were excited to jump in when we found out Bruce Buffer was the voice actor because lets face it, after a fender bender you’re definitely ready to jump in the ring! Ready to…

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Living in the south in the summer means one thing….heat. We were approached by a start-up called MistBox to help southerns feel a little more comfortable in the heat. We created a Motion Graphic explainer video showing off how this innovative product helps your ac unit not take on such a burden during hot summer…

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Rubicon Resonator

Downhole drilling technology seems to evolve constantly so competition can be tough, we wanted Rubicon to stand out when we created this 3D animation with supplemental Motion Graphics. Ready to Chat?

Neartown Church – Work Series

Sometimes giving back to your community can take many forms. For us, it was through Motion Graphics and Illustration for . We love what this inner city church is doing for its members as well as the surrounding area. Ready to Chat?

American Textile Recycling Services

Once you see one of these donation bins,  you start seeing them everywhere! ATRS has collection pods outside of nearly every major transit area. We were approached to help boost their voice through Motion Graphics. I bet you will be on the lookout now! Ready to Chat?

Schlumberger’s Rhino Reamer

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