Systel Raven Strike – Rugged Computing

Explosions, solar flares, debris, oh my! Targeting the defense market, this computer integrates into military equipment like tanks, how cool is that?! This action-packed demo for Systel Rugged Computers was a huge hit for their trade show and online product launch. The animation helped launch Systel’s latest product to the front of the competitive military…

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Mistbox Water Filtration

Mistbox has done it again with their new and improved water filtration system! Mistbox’s customers couldn’t understand how the constantly misting water wouldn’t eventually damage their A/C unit. Motion Giraffx to the rescue! With this marketing explainer video, we helped tell the story of how water enters the filtration system, and how the nano-crystals and…

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Fracture ID – Trade Show Animation

Trade show graphics are some of our favorite challenges because they have so many important purposes! If done correctly, a trade show animation will draw in potential customers from across the room and provide just enough information to make them hungry for more. These graphics serve simultaneously as ice breakers and sales tools to the…

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Motion Giraffx Demo Reel

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Sysco Truck Reveal

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Legacy One

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AF Global Jumper Installation

Time is money. Its a phrase that you hear all the time. We had the opportunity to create a Industrial 3D animation which helps the viewer understand how AF Global’s technology on the seabed can save you tons of both. Ready to Chat?


Living in the south in the summer means one thing….heat. We were approached by a start-up called MistBox to help southerns feel a little more comfortable in the heat. We created a Motion Graphic explainer video showing off how this innovative product helps your ac unit not take on such a burden during hot summer…

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Rubicon Resonator

Downhole drilling technology seems to evolve constantly so competition can be tough, we wanted Rubicon to stand out when we created this 3D animation with supplemental Motion Graphics. Ready to Chat?

NBA Saturday

Being huge basketball fans, we jumped at the opportunity to partner with HYZER studios to create the storyboards and creative direction for NBA Saturdays. Ready to Chat?

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